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Foghorn Leghorn

The other day I was looking around the kitchen trying to think of some combinations for some winter and harvest time bitters I would like to make, I found little inspiration because my mind was still on bourbon and finding more good things to add to it. So, instead of using the veggies I came across for salads or bitters, I grabbed a red bell pepper and told my chef that I could make something tasty with it. He didn’t seem too convinced until I shook this up for him:

  • 2 square inches red bell pepper
  • 1.5 bourbon
  • .5 Pimm’s No. 1
  • .5 coriander-ginger syrup
  • splash soda

Muddle the bourbon and the pepper in a shaker, cover in ice, toss in the Pimm’s and syrup, shake hard. Strain into a chilled cocktail or coupe glass and top with a splash of soda. This drink doesn’t need any garnish as the shaking produces a fine white head of about a quarter inch, but if you would really like to garnish it I would suggest a couple kernels of corn or a cucumber with a sprig of cilantro. 

This is something that would, in my opinion, best be enjoyed before a meal, or with delicate foods. The pepper comes through mostly in the aroma but there is a soft earthy note of its flavor on the finish, and it can easily be overpowered by oils, creams, and even light fish. I would call this a drink to have with fresh salads or warm baguettes. 


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