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Chloe’s Elixir

The original name for this one is much better, but I am loth to publish it for the whole world to see. If you stop by Ted’s Bulletin on a night that I’m behind the bar, and ask me really nicely, I’ll tell you:

  • 1.5 spiced rum
  • .75 white port
  • .5 Aperol
  • .5 dry vermouth

Shake, strain, and serve up with an optional twist. I made this as a way to try to push some of both our white port and our Aperol and thought at first that this wouldn’t really be an appropriate winter-time drink. I was wrong though, right behind the orange is a strong hit of vanilla on the palate, and an herbaceous bitter comes through about 5 seconds after taking a sip, which doesn’t linger too long at all. This would be a good cocktail hour drink before a heavy, creamy meal, but would also pair well with a dark chocolate cake at the other end of dining.


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