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The Whisky Brigade

Last night I went to my first Whisky Brigade at Jack Rose Dining Saloon. A number of great whiskys were presented for the sampling, some known and some untasted by me so far.

Among the list were The Glenrothes out of Speyside: Select Reserve, 1985, 1994, and 1998 vintages; all of which took home awards from the San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition. Of these I tried the vintages, the select reserve ran out too quickly, unfortunately. The favorite of mine was the 1998 with its smooth lush fruit notes and heaviness. This whisky has a definite spice to it, maybe light cardamom, and middling cinnamon, with vanilla smoothing out the sharpness that comes from this.

The other vintages are definitely more drinkable, I could probably only have a couple glasses of this, but I do like the bold character of this one. The 1998 is not something that I would drink with a meal, but something I would have for dessert, I think that it could easily overpower almost any meal. It is an interesting new addition to my notebook.


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